Weekly Classes

Each of our classes presents an opportunity for you to develop spiritually with us over a period of several weeks. 

If you're interested in joining a class, please email info@elevation.nz 

Psychic Development Classes

Psychic Development Classes will allow you to fully explore your natural intuitive talents to enhance your psychic and spiritual awareness.
Through a vast range of activities (psychometry, meditation, cartomancy, connecting with guides and spirit helpers, past life regression, channeling, mediumship, grounding and protection + much more), you will develop your clair senses and learn to trust your psychic abilities.

Classes take place in a supportive, fun and positive atmosphere where participants are encouraged to develop at their own pace.

An enjoyable way to learn about yourself and feel empowered on your spiritual journey.

Wednesdays, 10.30 - 12pm, @ Elevation Studio, $20.


Sound Healing and Meditation Circle

A guided Meditation for relaxation, energy, healing, transformation and manifestation using crystal, Tibetan bowls, vocals and more.

Increase your energy levels, let go, ground and heal your heart, body and mind... relax in a trans-meditated state, thanks to the magic of a created soundscape.

We offer ongoing series on Thursday evenings, focusing each week on a different theme.

We also use our Healer abilities to help you shift blockages and see clearer on your spiritual path.

Every Thursday (7.15-9pm) @ Elevation Studio, limited 12 participants, $25

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Self-Compassion Series

Do you blame yourself for every negative situation or for not reaching perfection?
Do you feel responsible when bad things happen?
Do you avoid speaking your truth?
Do you find hard to accept compliments?

Self-criticism can get us off track, create conflicts and lead us to experience low self-esteem or self-sabotage preventing us from achieving our dreams.
Self-compassion, on the other hand, involves treating ourselves kindly. By increasing our self-esteem and kindness, we create new healthy ways of relating to ourselves, and we become able to attract what truly makes us happy and fulfilled.

Research show that when we regularly practise self-compassion, we reduce our levels of stress, anxiety or depression, and we become able to relate more lovingly to others and more authentically to ourselves.

In this class, you will provided with tools and techniques to incorporate self-compassion into your life: mindfulness meditation, chanting, everyday practices & exercises designed to cultivate an attitude of self-kindness and acceptance so you can start treating yourself in a gentle, compassionate way whenever you struggle, fail, or feel inadequate. 
Fridays, 10.30 -12, $25 @ Elevation Studio