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Will clijsen

Will has been a Reiki Master since 2001, working with Elohim Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. A clairaudient, he also channels high vibrational healing energy through his Higher Self, connected to the Elohim. He was initiated into shamanism by the Chipibo Indians in the Peruvian Amazon in 2012. Trained in Karmic Releases and Pleiadian Light Healing, he offers mixed energy healing techniques: shamanic and vibrational healing, release of past life memories and light work. pleiadian.

Pleidian Lightwork

Pleiadian Lightwork involves healing and deep cleansing of the chakras and subtle bodies to release blockages that prevent you from moving forward in daily life. This includes the attunement of the aura, the extraction of implants and entities, and past life programs of which we are not necessarily aware but which affect us on a daily basis. Pleiadian Lightwork sessions aim to reduce anxiety, fears, problems emotions that can lead to illness, lack of self-esteem, as well as re-balancing toxic relationships.

Why Pleiadian Lightwork?

It is a technique that favors the change of our “programs” and our “beliefs”.
Our problems in relationships, at work, or in other aspects of our lives are often a reflection of past life programs, beliefs, contracts with people, or energies that affect how we perceive our reality. current. For example, certain relationships can trigger emotional upheaval, a feeling of exhaustion or helplessness. You may have energy cords and contracts with these people that need to be removed.


PL sessions can help to understand why certain experiences or habits repeat themselves, and to erase the conditioning that causes them. It is a powerful experience that helps you deal with challenges in your life, re-program certain ways of thinking, change behaviors and restore your emotional balance. The PL gives you the opportunity to transform your life by bringing more clarity, awareness and happiness.

What happens during a session?

Healing and guidance is received and imparted throughout the session on what needs to be cleared up. Will will explain how a blockage can affect you in your current life and then help you release that energy. Contracts and beliefs are canceled and replaced with healing energy and positive affirmations. Cords, implants and black holes (trauma energy) will be removed from within your chakras. You will be seated in a comfortable chair during the session or you can choose to lie down on a massage table. Let go of your old baggage and make way for more clarity, awareness and happiness in your life! Will completed his training in Australia and New Zealand, and he is the only one in France to offer this type of healing. The result is deep and lasting and the work can also be done remotely by Skype or Messenger.


To put the mind on pause, release its tensions, reduce the symptoms of anxiety or depression, find a peaceful sleep. Individual or couple session possible.

Shamanic Magnetism

Powerful energy treatment with channeled shamanic songs: Physical pain, reduced, release of emotions, letting go, appeasement and clarity, elevation of vibrational frequencies.

Pleiadian Lightwork?

Free yourself from toxic relationships, end your limiting beliefs, break the soul contracts that prevent us from moving forward on our life path and cleanse your past lives.



    - In video on Zoom /       Whatsapp or face-to-face at     the Elevation Center

- French or English

or Dutch

- 85€ for one hour

   - Gift cards available.

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