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Sound Journeys

Meditative concert with crystal and Tibetan bowls, shamanic drums, a gong and spontaneous songs. A sound journey is an experience of deep relaxation to re-balance energies, and alleviate physical and/or emotional ailments.

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Using the sound vibrations of a plethora of instruments, participants are invited to discover other dimensions of themselves, to meet their spiritual guides, to release their tensions. . to let go. The sounds help to restore harmony and balance in everyone, and help to find inner peace.



Everything around us is vibration

When we experience an illness, when we do not feel anchored or in phase with ourselves, a part of us no longer vibrates at a sufficiently high frequency. Sound therapy can restore these possible imbalances. It is also a powerful tool to release wounds, blockages, ancestral memories and all other energies that prevent our imagination, our intuition, our inner wisdom and our vital force from fully expressing themselves.

To begin, we offer a guided relaxation, then the participants let themselves be carried away in a meditative concert with varied sounds.

This experience of deep relaxation promoting letting go, can be organized for private groups on the occasion of parties, family reunions or birthdays, as well as for couples. Contact us for more information in the form below.

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