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Ceremonies & Circles

Ceremonies are a powerful way to invite the sacred in our life, to celebrate what is and to manifest our desires. With the use of shamanic drumming, and around a ritual, participants are invited to tune in with the divine around them and connect to their higher aspect. Spirit allies are invited and we open a sacred space with intention, in which everyone is encouraged to contribute.



Circles are sharing spaces in which participants can connect to themselves and others. In a supportive and positive atmosphere, participants are encouraged to go within and contribute at their own pace, tuning in for themselves and for others. Circles are a way to connect with like minded people and gain clarity on our spiritual path.

Claire organises shamanic ceremonies for all occasions (birth, new home, passing, wedding), and regular compassion circles with public and private groups.

Workshop ; Activate your Psychic Abilities!


Are you curious to explore your intuition?

Do you receive subtle messages but don't know what to do with them, or do you wonder if your mind is playing tricks on you?

Our weekly classes will allow you to fully explore your natural intuitive talents in order to improve your psychic and spiritual awareness and boost your extra-sensory abilities.

Thanks to a wide range of activities (psychometrics, meditation, cartomancy, connection with the spirit guides, regression of past lives, mediumship, connection to the earth and protection and more), you will develop your clear senses and learn to trust. to your psychic abilities.

These face-to-face courses are a good way to get to know yourself, to gain confidence in your ability to receive messages for yourself and for others, and to gain clarity on your spiritual path.

Circle of Women - Ren'Essence: Shamanism, Intuition & Reliance

A Circle of Women (every Tuesday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.) to honor our subtle feminine side. A space of exchange, a place of words, of connection to the cycles of nature and to our cyclical nature. An invitation to explore its many facets, to open up to its power and its vulnerabilities. It is a cocoon and benevolent space, conducive to the expression of an unfiltered self, to connect with one's heart, one's body and one's shaman soul.

On the program: Shamanism and drum journeys, group and pair sharing, meditation & intuition.

Cosmic Activation Circle - Frequency, Guidance & Sounds

Every last Friday of the month, a novelty: Cercle Cosmic Activation in our yurt! An evening to activate the energies of the new world. Two hours to connect with the greater than oneself and its guides of light, to receive healing to the rhythm of channeled frequencies and the sounds of our crystalline instruments.

To connect to the cosmic energies of heaven and earth, to the 5th dimensional energies within oneself.

The opportunity also to receive codes, and channeled messages from galactic beings for the group, or personalized.

Circle of Forgiveness


A forgiveness ritual initiated by Olivier Clerc (author of “Can we forgive everything?” and numerous personal development books).

Forgiveness restores the freedom to love fully, heals and opens the heart.

During this workshop, we will redefine what forgiveness is, realizing that it is a process that we do for ourselves and that we do not need the other for it to operate.

It will also be important to say that forgiveness is not condoning, nor forgetting, nor reconciling, and that it is possible to arrive at this liberation without guilt or humiliation and beyond dogma.

It's an inside job, and you won't need to share in front of the group.

your past or your painful experiences.

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