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Sound therapy, or sound meditation, is an ancient deep relaxation technique that uses sounds and musical vibrations for therapeutic purposes. It aims to provide balance, well-being, as well as harmony between body and mind and promotes letting go.

Unlike meditation which requires practice and effort, sound therapy requires no ability or willpower. By causing brain waves to slow down, this practice allows participants to leave the mind and let go of stress naturally. A technique that can help with sleep disorders, anxiety, concentration difficulties and depression, among other things.

the benefits


Reduces stress

The effect of sounds reduces stress and allows you to let go, while releasing the potential emotional charges that everyone carries. The sounds decrystallize and release tensions, blockages, physical pain.


Access to a Higher Consciousness

This treatment gives the possibility to access other dimensions of oneself, and to receive messages from our Subconscious to help us with our personal and spiritual development.


Connection to the Subtle

This deep meditation experience gives you the opportunity to meet your totem animal or your energy team.


Re-energizes the immune system

The immune, lymphatic and vital energy system is re-energized. Water cells also regenerate as they resonate with the instruments.


Re-balancing of energies

Sound therapy improves cognitive abilities: memory, concentration, creativity, language. It soothes physical and emotional pain leading to better quality sleep.


Holistic Medicine

En résumé, la sonothérapie agit sur le corps, le mental et l'esprit. Cette thérapie et ses bienfaits sont reconnus scientifiquement pour agir sur les douleurs physiques et les ondes cérébrales. 

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