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Drum Journeys

Shamanic Drum Journeys are a powerful way to travel to the depths of our unconscious mind, meet our Spirit Guides and Power Animals and move forward on our spiritual path.

Guided by shaman drums and vocals, participants can experience an altered state of counsciousness, which allows them to explore the unseen realities of the Shaman by journeying to the Lower and Upper Worlds for personal growth, insight, wisdom and healing.


In shamanic traditions, the non-ordinary reality is made of three "regions."

The Lower World


Is connected to the energies of the Earth. Here we can meet our power animal and/or encounter sea animals deities, The lower world is also the seat of life diversity, pleasure and creativity, where we can discover our deeper wounds and reconnect to our Soul gifts.

The Middle World


Shows us the spiritual reality of our physical world. There, we can connect with spirits of nature, ancestors and the elements.

The Upper World


Also called the Heavenly World, is the domain of spiritual masters, angels and archangels, and other benevolent high vibrational beings, who make powerful spiritual allies or guides. The Upper World is bathed in light and universal wisdom. It is a precious source of knowledge.

Travelling to these three worlds gives the opportunity to move ahead on our spiritual path with confidence, and to increase one's sense of connection to oneself, to others and to the world around.

Here's a sample from one of our drumming sessions, accompanied by Will's shamanic vocals:

Our Drum Journeys are available in person or online, for public or private groups.


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