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CLaire-jeanne clijsen

Granddaughter of a healer and always intuitive, I have 8 years of experience as a shamanic practitioner in France and abroad. Trained in many fields (Mediation, Family Counseling, Adolescent Psychology, Mindfulness, Mediumship and Shamanism, Sacred Ceremonies of the First Peoples), it is above all from life that I have learned the most. Circumnavigator for 10 years, then based in New Zealand for 14 years, I now live in Val-de-Saône where I created a holistic center with my sonotherapist husband.

My side dishes

I help you find harmony and joy in your life by accompanying you to lighten your stubborn patterns and relieve your physical, psychic and emotional pain. By gradually letting go of your mental-You to leave more room for your intuitive Heart-Self, you invite serenity, clarity and magic into your daily life. You can then get back to the heart of the story and take your rightful place to finally contribute to the world with the best you have.


big reset - 3 months to break free and align in life



In this fast-changing world, what if it's time to reset yourself? Finally put an end to these beliefs that prevent you from being yourself, with these old patterns that make you stagnate. Let go of all that to finally move forward on your life path in all lightness, in alignment with who you really are?


I offer you support over  7 sessions of 1h30 for:


  • Put light on your dark sides

  • Find clarity and self-confidence

  • Transcend your old patterns and limiting beliefs

  • Reconcile with your inner child

  • Connect to your essence

  • Raise your energies and your consciousness

  • Acquire wellness tools to improve your daily life

  • Give meaning to your life

  • Activate your intuition


Here are the benefits of consultant feedback :

Be less in the mind and more in intuition, heal your wounded inner child, free yourself from your conditioning for more authenticity, boost consciousness and spirituality, truly love yourself, align yourself with your mission of life.

baby souls & conception - 2 months to release blockages and become a mom


You want to start a family, is it visceral?

Are you in good physical health but not getting pregnant?

You are in PMA course and you want to find softness?


The Bébés Âmes accompaniment offers a holistic look at the blockages that prevent conception. If you feel like you've tried everything but your body clock is catching up with you, it might be time to approach design in a different way.

Babies today come into the world with an elevated consciousness. They expect their parents to be able to welcome them with open hearts, unconditional loving vibrations. This sometimes involves lifting unconscious beliefs around motherhood, performing energy rebalancing, transgenerational or karmic cleansing.

By entering into communication with the soul of babies, I obtain essential information on the blockages encountered by future parents. With gentleness, listening and kindness, I help you reconnect with your body, and regain confidence in your ability to start a family through 5 sessions.

This support can be provided in addition to medical treatment.​

activate your psychic abilities -

2 months to propel your intuition

Do you want to unleash your intuitive potential?

To understand the messages you receive?

To create a meaningful life through your guidance?

To transmit feelings in your care if you are a therapist?

I offer you 5 sessions of 1h30 to gain confidence in your intuitive talents, interpret the subtle signals received, make sense of messages and synchronicities, protect yourself and stay anchored, manage daily life in the ascension/opening phase spiritual.

An accompaniment for you if you wish to be more in the energy of the heart, to make your intuition your ally in your professional or personal life, and to invite more magic and serenity on a daily basis.

shamanism & soul retrieval

Do you find it difficult to stay present in the here and now?
Do you have a weak immune system and/or are you prone to disease?
Are you prone to anxiety or chronic depression?

Are you looking outward to fill an inner void?

Some people sometimes experience a sense of dissociation with themselves and with the life around them. They do not feel fully connected to their body and lack enthusiasm. They must struggle to be actively engaged in their lives and to move forward.


Chronic depression, lack of enthusiasm, post-traumatic stress, immune deficiency problems and a certain melancholy, anxiety, addictions. All of this may be indicative of a loss of soul.



During the soul retrieval process, the practitioner enters an alternate state of consciousness to the rhythm of his shamanic drum to travel to realities outside of normal perception (non-ordinary realities or the invisible world) to regain lost part of the soul. Soul retrieval work produces immediate and lasting results. This process, along with the intuitive guidance and messages sent from your guides, will gradually help you regain your personal power to undertake your own healing, regain your authenticity, and share your joy and light with others. This process will allow you to clarify your mission and the purpose of your life on Earth. You will feel happier, lighter and more in line with your values ​​in your daily life and with those around you.


Free yourself from unconscious ancestral patterns, find a sense of wholeness, co-create with your totem animal and spirit guides, find harmony and joy, connect to your essence, raise your energies and consciousness, align with your frequency and soul mission.


After setting an intention related to an issue or something you would like to manifest, I connect to your/my guides to receive information on the best way to proceed.


After placing a protective matrix around the treatment table, I draw up an assessment of your energy bodies, during which certain modes of operation and beliefs inherited from past events or conditioning are highlighted.

Depending on what goes back, I use different shamanic tools such as the Drum Journey to perform resolutions or healings in the subtle worlds (in which I also guide you), soul or power recovery (to recover parts of you to reintegrate) or transgenerational resolutions. It often happens that allied spirits come forward and help in the process.


Sometimes it is also about reaching out to your lost power animal or other protective spirit guides to help you transition. Some resolutions are made during a verbal exchange, or you are invited to travel to feel or perceive your own solutions. Be that as it may, the treatment ends with a moment of discussion where everything that has come up is shared with you. Some effects are felt immediately, and I have found that there is often an integration period of about ten days after which certain repetitive patterns disappear and give way to a feeling of lightness and clarity.


The benefits of a shamanic follow-up are numerous: find a sense of wholeness, free yourself from unconscious ancestral patterns, co-create with your guides and your totem animal, find harmony and joy, connect to your essence, raise your energies and his consciousness, to align to his soul frequency and mission.


useful information

The sessions take place in video by Zoom or Whatsapp, or face-to-face at the Elevation Center. Possibility of being accompanied in French and English. The price is set at €80 for one hour of treatment.

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