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Will works with Elohim Angels, Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Light Beings.

His aim is to activate and align you to your highest soul potential and for you to generate more awareness of your life purpose.

The sessions attune your physical body to the resonance of your soul vibration so that this life may flow with more ease and grace reflecting more of your original essence.




The energy Will brings through works on many levels in your physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and astral bodies.

These "Healing Modules" will help release and transform old energetic patterns from one's body systems, clearing past life trauma energy from the soul DNA carried on cellular level, healing and fine tuning the electrical circuits and meridians,  strengthening the connection with your Guides and Higher Self, and as a result have a stronger intuition, a clearer sense of Self.

Will can help with:
+ Healing of many physical issues (fractures, skin issues, lumps, headaches, ulcers etc)

+ Increasing your energy levels

+ Re-balancing of right and left brain hemispheres

+ Pineal gland activation and DNA repair and activations

+ Chakras and Aura repair and cleansing

+ Strengthening connections with the higher self, spirit guides and alignment with astral body, resulting in a stronger intuition

+ Clearing the energy of trauma on a cellular level

+ Removal of entities, energetic attachments and "implants"

+ Clearing blocked energy meridians

+ Changing the energy of old/unwanted tattoos

+ Past life trauma clearing from Soul DNA

+ Upgrading the light bodies (auric bodies)

Pleiadian Light Work

Dolphin Star Temple - Mystery School Teachings


Pleiadian Lightwork involves in depth healing and clearing of the chakras and the subtle bodies to release blocks that are preventing you from moving forward in your life today.

It includes cleansing of the aura, removal of implants, energies, entities and past life programming that you may be unaware off and are affecting you in your current life.

It will help with  anxiety, fears, feeling stuck, emotional and sensitivity issues, unhealthy and imbalanced relationships, low self-esteem and worthiness issues and illness.

Why Pleiadian Lightwork? It gives you the opportunity to release belief patterns and programs. Current issues within relationships, career or other aspects of your life or self  may be a reflection of belief programs, contracts with people or energies from the present, the past or past life connections that affects the way we see our reality today.

For example certain relationships may trigger emotional upsets, a feeling of being drained or a feeling of disempowerment. You may have cords and contracts with these people that needs clearing.

If you are wanting to understand why certain experiences or habits play through your life and clear these, then this may help you.

It is an empowering experience that supports you through your life challenges, to change thinking and behavioural patterns and create emotional balancing. It gives you the opportunity to be aware, transform and evolve your life to bring more clarity, awareness and happiness.

What happens during a session? A healing and reading are given throughout the session of what needs clearing, an understanding of how it may affect you in your current life. The energy is cleared, contracts and  beliefs are cancelled and replaced with healing energy and positive affirmations. Cords, implants and black holes will be removed, The client usually sits in a comfortable seat during the session or you can lay down on a massage table.

Let go of old baggage and bring more clarity, awareness and happiness into your life.

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