will Clijsen

energy and sound healing



Intuitive Energy Healing

Past Life Healing

Pleiadian Lightwork

Sound Healing

The energy Will brings through works on many levels in your physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and astral bodies.
These "Healing Modules" are capable of releasing and transforming old energetic patterns from your body systems, clearing past life trauma energy from the soul DNA carried on cellular level, healing and fine tuning the electrical circuits and meridians,  strengthening the connection with your Guides and Higher Self, and as a result have a stronger intuition, a clearer sense of Self.

Will works with Elohim Angels, Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Light Beings.



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Lyon, France​

Tel: +33641154642 (Will) / +33641154595 (Claire)

Email: info@elevation.nz​

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